Ara... ara...

2010-06-18 20:15

Ara ara... <- Something I'm starting to say more often. Dunno why. xD

Interesting day today. Ju-chan was speeding up her songs once again today (Yes, she has been doing this for a few days now) because she was bored. So I started speeding up songs as well.

It's really creepy speeding up songs that have the Izukun or Touma voice in it.


(Warning: This will burn your brain)

Yes, this is what I do when I don't sing. LOL.

My weeks of self-studying Japanese are definitely paying off. owo
I'm finally able to read more Japanese stuff online! Yatta!
I really want to be able to properly respond to people on Nicovideo without having to use Google Translate or someday. ;w;

I think I'll be trying to post more of my covers on Nicovideo. Let's see how far I can go in the Nico world. At least I'm starting to get comments now. xD

5 comments so far. Better than the nothing I used to get. Hahaha.

Also saw a jump in subscriber count today mostly thanks to rockleetist and her cover of my bpm. <3

I wonder where this will take me. o__o;;

Ahhhh well... that's all for now.



2010-05-25 14:40

I managed to get my hands on Cubase 5!! (*ゝωб*)
Kran loves her Cubase 5~

I've heard a lot about Cubase mostly from Ciel-sama so I decided to try it out. (Actually, I knew that most Nicosingers use it and I also saw amu using it on his liveshow. That kinda made me want to have it even more. xDD;;)

It's pretty awesome and it comes with so many effects and it's really stable with all my VST effects (ie. Autotune, etc)~
I've been having a lot of fun playing around with it. I'll probably be using it for my next dub. owo

Meanwhile, I shall share some screenies 8D

Cubasee mixing

This is what the program looks like. owo
(And yus, I know I have a lot of windows open)

Aaaah and check out the reverb~ >w<

Cubase REVerence
So pretty *A*
It comes with different reverb settings like Art Verb and studios from LA and Japan. I haven't tried them all out yet. I'm going to keep playing around with it... ( =w=)v

So far, I'm liking the live stage one tho. <3

Cubase EQ

Equalizers kill the harshness in vocals properly. That's why Nicosingers' voices are so smooth. 8D

Cubase Pitch Correct

Pitch correct acts like Autotune except it's more precise so it sounds different when you use the T-pain settings on it. I'll give you a preview later maybe. owo

But here's something else for you...
Tokyo Rock City Cubase Preview

That's all from me right now.

Kran (*・∀-)☆

New Microphone!

2010-04-02 21:39


It's my graduation gift~ :3

☆ Lexicon Omega Desktop Recording Studio ☆
☆ AKG D88 S Microphone ☆

And my Skullcandy headphones are in the pic too ♥

Be prepared for better voice quality in my dubs~
MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I will take over the world! *shot*

ショタ desu.

2010-03-26 21:11

Yep, you heard me:
I am officially shota now.
And I blame it on the shotarella dub with Razzy (banana + kaito + len + English = win?)

I've found myself with a huge influx of subscribers. It literally jumped from 290+ to 310+ in one day. The yaoi fangirls must've liked the dub a lot. Heck, people having been adding me on Skype ever since the Shota dub. u_u

327 subs.
How the heck did that happen? I'm still amazed.

Everytime I listen to myself singing, I can't help but think if I really do sound shota or not.
I'm slowly losing my femininity.

*going crazy*

Save me ._.