My Return to Blogging

2012-06-23 18:25

It really has been a long time since I've posted actual content. Not surprising considering the fact that blogging seems to be an on-and-off kind of thing for me. I mean I've practically opened up several blogs in the course of my lifetime. It's always been that I'd be dedicated to it for around six months and then I'd leave it to gather dust. I apologize for not being as committed as I should be to this blogging thing. ^^;;

I'm really hoping this new comeback will be a little different.

What revived the blogging fire within me
One of the things that spurred this renewed vitality to blog again is the fact that I'm going to university soon. I'm planning to major in journalism and obviously, I'll need all the practice and experience I can get in order to become the best that I can be. With that said, I am now more determined than ever to make this blog my training grounds.

I actually signed up for's Summer Internship program and got into the second round of selection, where we were asked to write three articles within 72 hourss. However, I received an e-mail this morning, notifying me that I didn't get the position and to be quite honest, I didn't expect to get it. As I typed the articles out, I realized how much further I needed to go in order to become really good at writing articles and producing content that people will actually find interesting/helpful. I wasn't content with what I wrote but that was the best I could do at that time.

In short, I just want to get better at writing, in order to reach my goal of becoming a good journalist and possibly get one step closer to achieving my dream of having a career as a professional blogger.

Plans for this blog
I will still be posting my English translyrics up on this blog, but I will start to post more personal or professional stuff as well. I may be posting things I do in my daily life, opinions on different issues, tutorials, reviews, analysis, etc. I aim to produce at least one post a week, so I'll be mixing up the content quite a bit. The next post will probably just be some updates on what I have been doing so far in the time I haven't updated this blog or perhaps my experience at the utaite concert I'm going to tomorrow. I knew at that point that I had to practice some more.

In any case, I hope I do have support from my followers (if I have any, hahahaha) in this endeavor of mine. I'll do my best to make this blog much more active and I'm praying that this helps pave the way for my future in journalism.


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