Rotten Heresy and Chocolate English Lyrics (short)

2012-01-05 10:34

by кran

"Don't tell anyone else"

Do you know the teacher that is from next door
He, with a student we call 'Miss A' are,
Well, doing something that's completely immoral
But I guess the egg of gossip has just cracked open

It was supposed to be a secret that was chained deep into the underground but
Now it's dancing naked in the crowded station-front that is Shibuya

"Let me in your little group, please!"
"I wanna hear the latest gossip!!"
Passing to another like a telephone game
The message goes on everywhere and now it's like
Yurari papapara papapara

Hogging with gluttony
At gossip that had been smothered with others' saliva,
They become addicted to those little tiny sobs
Then they will be bound by those rotten gossip bogs

So many types can be real or fake
But I'll keep licking this sweet chocolate, ah
It doesn't really matter if it's true or not
It's full of additives so yummy and good
Beautiful words are all lies to me
Juicy rumors are reflections of reality
But do you really think so?
I would like to think so too

How foolish are we?

All my English translyrics are free to use as long as credit is given.
There is no need to ask for permission.


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