2010-04-02 21:33

YAY! I graduated!!
I was supposed to post earlier but my parents dragged me outside to eat right after I got home from school yesterday.

Went around to visit churches as well since it's Good Friday today.
Dead tired.

Seriously. OTL

Graduation speech went well at least. A lot of people were saying it was well-written.
Wanna see what I actually had on it? 8D


Yep. I had a lot of mistakes and last minute extras. u_u
I was about to write "gambatte" but I completely forgot about it hence the "Ga"

Still can't believe I graduated F5. I have this weird sense of freedom. o___o;;
Even though I'm kinda having exams in a few weeks.

BLEH. I have to remember that I have to keep studying. =w=;;


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