(Top) Secret x Glow English Lyrics

2011-09-21 20:40

by кran ♠ synth

(Like an apple from a tree,
I am brittle, strong and sweet
But of course that isn’t me
It’s what I truly want to be)

It never seems to stop, the cold and endless rain,
dripping into blue scars of my naïveté.
One day, I got to gaze upon the evening sky
and somewhere a voice had laughed into the starry night.

Before I even noticed it, I’ve become a grown adult
So fond of telling lies that always seem so beautiful
I’ve learned of many pains and woes from these years of my own life
But why is it that I’m still aching inside?

From the evening sky, flowing crimson teardrops just keep falling
so I’ll cast away and fade the many memories I had of you
(It’s something small, an appeal or a deal, you’ve deceived the way I feel.)
(You’ve joined your words with nothing but lies. Can’t you hear my painful cries?)

(An apple, an apple, an apple, an apple, that’s falling from the crimson skies)
(It gets sweeter and sweeter and sweeter and sweeter, sad temptation, I cry)
(Longer and longer and longer still, I wonder if this pain will heal)
(Is there anything left for me at all?)

Throughout my body, you have left so many scars that will never heal.
They overflow; I cannot move on. There’s so much pain I feel.
Just disappear and wipe it out! Although I’ve prayed for this, I don’t know why…
I don’t know why I’m standing here embracing you so tightly, standing still.

I can feel your voice has grown so distant now, almost falling into red amnesia.
At this rate, it seems like you’ll be melting from my mind forever into the night.
(I’m losing you but I don’t want to. I’m losing you)

Colour red has spilled upon my fingertips lightly dyeing over every bit.
It is tearing up the pieces of you out of my whole being too quickly…

Between all the clouds and from those rifts,
the tears start to flow so endlessly.
I hugged you so tight as you started to fade gradually into nothing.

All my English translyrics are free to use as long as credit is given.
There is no need to ask for permission.


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