2011-06-22 17:37

by kran117

Let me hear your voice within the darkness
Make this sinking heart fade into nothing
On this empty canvas of deception
I will paint all of my feelings

A Never-ending fantasy, I feel that it is what I've reached
"What could this state of being be?"
My body temperature is weak
Save me before I can't be saved
Laughter is eating me away
I am locked in this present day
In my mind, the future is painted in grey

Fantasies that I've longed for
From those deserted lies
If you wish to continue, then lie some more

Flowing from the depths of my own heart is
Love that I had etched upon its surface
Deep in this illusion, I can hear you
But your voice is at its furthest

If there is a form so I can touch it
If it breaks apart from all the sorrow
Then I do not need to have my eyes here
Hold me tight and don't let go

A never-ending fantasy, I asked as I laughed sadly
"What could this state of being be?"
Echoing, the words that were said are in grey

Eternity cut my breath short
With gentleness, it came
Leaving me to fall into my misery and pain

When the ticking hands of time have stopped, then
Our little world will soon be ending
The only hope we have is in our own words
But they really have no meaning

Laugh a little more, laugh while you still can
Pray a little more, pray while you still can
If you cannot hear me after all that
end my life and say goodbye now

Let me hear your voice within the darkness
Make this sinking heart fade into nothing
Buried with the canvas of deception
Is us two within the painting

If there is no way of making proof that
We were once together in this world, then
Burn my body up into black ashes
End my life and say goodbye


All my English translyrics are free to use as long as credit is given.
There is no need to ask for permission.


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