Tokyo Banana

2011-03-08 09:10


When I visited Japan two years ago with my family, we came across a few little stores at Tokyo Station, right after we got off the Shinkansen and were heading towards the train that would take us to Shinjuku. We had just finished visiting Mount Fuji and Mount Komagatake in Hakone.

As a person who loves eating bananas, I stopped at the Tokyo Banana store and started staring at all the different banana-snacks they sold, not knowing that Tokyo Banana was actually an iconic souvenir snack of the city. Like a spoiled little child with no money at hand, I pointed at the banana tart and asked my mom if we could buy it. Saying that I loved the tart would be an understatement; I melted while eating it. The rich flavour of the banana was circulating throughout my mouth and the freshness sent shivers down my spine (okay, so I might be exaggerating but that's how much I loved it).

Fast forward to a few weeks back: a friend of ours, who is a flight attendant, was having a flight to Tokyo and asked if we wanted anything. My mother, knowing well that I loved Tokyo Banana and had been craving for some ever since our trip to Japan, immediately told our friend about it.


We met with her at church the next week and she gave us two boxes of Tokyo Banana. These were bought from the Tokyo airport and are actually little cakes (twinkies?) that have a creamy banana paste in the middle. It's too bad I had to finish all of it within a week because that's how long until the snack expires to guarantee the freshness of the banana inside.

I would have loved to keep it for a longer time just so I can satisfy my craving for it once in a while, but I guess I'll have to wait until our friend or my family goes back to Tokyo to try out the other Tokyo Banana products.

Time to wait.


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