January Update!

2011-01-03 11:51

Yes, yes, I know I haven't been posting so much lately, but it's been a really busy December.

At least I'm finally updating you guys (if there are any of you actually reading xD) on what has been happening to me lately. Hurr hurr.

During December, not only did I have exams (which lasted until the 21st) and the Chorus Battle stuff to do, but Christmas and New Year celebrations were also taking place. In fact, I went to Beijing from the 28th to the 31st (it was effing cold there btw! Me no likey the freezing cold! No idea wtf possessed my parents to decide to visit China in the middle of winter. D:).

At first, I was panicking a lot,
because of the tight deadline for the Chorus Battle the fact that everyone was busy having exams (including me) and I was going out of the country for a few days. I really didn't think that we could get through making the entry without making the chorus sounding horrible. xDD

However, the trip to Beijing somehow managed to refresh me and I've pretty much mixed almost 30% of the Chorus within 3 days of coming back to Hong Kong. Add that to the other 30% I finished before I left, we have 60% done

/o/~ WOOHOO!

It's going pretty well and I'm already quite pleased with the results. Timing the lines is always one of the most difficult challenges in mixing and I've finally gotten past that hurdle. All I need to finish up now is volumes, panning and adding vocal effects. All I can say is,


I'm currently at school right now but when I get home, I'll probably upload some previews of some stuff I've been working on, including Mozaik Role -acoustic, Shotadesuyon and Imitation Black -self-trio-, so look forward to that. =w=)b*

On school stuff, we're checking the exam papers this week and so far, I've only received my History. I'm glad I got a good grade on that (HIGHEST IN CLASS BBY! \o/) but I really hope the other subjects are the same. 8'D

I'm particularly worried about my Liberal Studies because I still haven't figured out what the teachers are exactly expecting for that subject. xD

Ah well, time to die. Lesson time now~ :3


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