Techincal Improvements

2010-10-01 21:33

Sorry, once again for not blogging so regularly anymore. xD
I guess I should just stop thinking that people actually expect me to blog a lot (unless you really do expect me to do so, in which case I am sorry O__O;;)

Anyways, lately I've been grumbling a lot about my mixing. I've started expecting a lot from myself and from others as well ( I think I might be giving critiques more often now on YouTube :3). I've decided to self-learn some tricks myself while also asking help from friends of mine who have more experience in mixing. I figured out how to use EQ properly and I've tried using a lot more of different effects on my voice.

What my effects rack looks like:


Click here for Torinoko City Better Preview (Mixing Sample)

I've also improved a bit in my harmonies and I've started using my vibrato more often~ /o/~
I realized how much I've been slacking off in everything I've been doing on YouTube and I've decided to try even harder to make my dubs sound more professional. If a lot of people on YouTube and Nico could do it, I figured I could do it as well.

This change has also been fueled by the YTChorus battle in a way. Seeing other choruses has made me realize how far behind I am in both the mixing and singing scene. I really want to improve, so I've started being a harsher critique on myself. xDD;;

Please look forward to my future works!
I will be trying my best to give you something enjoyable~ ^_^


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