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2010-09-08 17:04


Wow! It's just been one week of school and already I'm being busy with studying. xD
Sorry for not updating as often as before. I actually had a 5 month summer break, so I pretty much spammed everyone with updates, dubs, posts and etc. within that time period. I used to update my channel once a week.

However, now that I'm going to a new school where the expectations from students are much, much, much, much, much, much, much higher. I have to take my studies really, really, really, really seriously (I'm taking new subjects too!!). To add to that is the fact that my new school is further than that of my old one. This means that I have to leave my house earlier in the morning due to the traveling time and I also get home later as school ends later too.

This pretty much means that all of my Internet activities will be slowing down. I most probably won't be able to update as often as before on really busy weeks, but I'll try my best to do something once in a while. :3

It's pretty much the case for everyone else too though, right?
I've seen a lot of people go on hiatus recently. Haha.

BTW the Rillakuma doll in the picture shall be my new mascot. 8D
I named hime "Clover" because he's holding a clover in his right hand.


In other news, I tried making a home-made stylus for our iPad the other day. I bought the SketchbookPro application for it so I could draw, but it really didn't feel right doing it with my fingers. Actually buying a stylus for the iPad is pretty expensive too when you can actually make one yourself.

What makes it harder to make a stylus for the iPad is the screen itself. It's not like some of the screens we have on our mobile phones where pressure is needed for commands to be made. On Apple screens, they use the static from your finger to determine where you're tapping.

I'm still trying to figure out how to make really good ones even though I've successfully made one that actually worked. I am such a bored person. xD

Well, this is it for now


  1. Asuka | URL | -

    Yup, September is a very busy month for all of us. Congrats on getting into a school too. :D

    I actually have a pen for my iphone, but it just feels weird cause theres so much friction between the pen and the screen. I'm kinda glad that the apple screens were meant for finger use only or else i would be calling many random ppl when having the iphone in my pocket XD

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