Guilt and Innocence

2010-08-24 13:03

August 23, 2010

You've probably heard or read it on the news, watched it on Youtube and seen many people talk about it. In the Philippine capital of Manila, ex-cop Rolando Mendoza decided to take a bus full of Hong Kong tourists hostage to demand for his job back. The conclusion? The guy was shot by a sniper in the head but he left 8 dead, 7 injured, 2 in critical condition in the hospital but thankfully 9 got out alive, if I read correctly from the different news articles.

I'm sorry, but today, I shall be writing quite seriously.

Right now, I can officially say that I'm having a hard time saying that I am proud to be Filipino. As a Hong-Kong born one, this tragedy is affecting me very deeply. People from the two places I call home have collided within Philippine soil and we know that it didn't end so well.

I am having a mixture of emotions: Anger, frustration, sadness, worry and disappointment.

Mr. Mendoza did a terribly stupid thing. How could he ever think that he could get his job back by taking people hostage? Doesn't that completely override his original purpose? I doubt that he would get what he wanted even if he let all the hostages go and didn't get himself shot in the head. Seriously. Doesn't he know that hostage situations don't usually end well? It's either you go to jail or you die in the process when you hold hostages. It doesn't improve his situation. I understand that he was frustrated, but taking the lives of innocent tourists was completely irrelevant.

Geez, thanks for showing the whole world your selfishness. Now, you've just possibly made the Chinese people hate Filipinos. Not only will you be disliked and hated by the whole world, you'll also be hated by your fellow nationals. Wrong move, genius. And to think that you were one of the best police in the force. I'm disappointed.

On the actions of the Philippine S.W.A.T., I am sorry to say that they were all pussies. Yes, I just used a word I don't usually use but really, that's the only thing I can describe them as. I don't think they had any experience in situations like these, so I kind of understand their actions, but not everything can be blamed on them.

Ever since the reign of Ferdinand Marcos, the Philippines, which was known as one of the leading Asian countries in the past, has ever been spiralling downwards with corruption and debts that couldn't be repaid. The country has been struggling in terms of money and apparently, even important departments aren't getting the funding needed. With this said, the S.W.A.T. probably didn't get the proper training needed for such an intense situation (though I cannot confirm this), which is a shame because they spent so much time surrounding the bus and doing nothing.


More lives were lost because of this.

They didn't need to die.

They just wanted to have a good time before Summer ended.
Before they would be back home facing their everyday worries.

Then something like this happened and their lives have been permanently put to a halt.

All because of missed action...

How did we fall so low?

For me, I blame the whole system, but I hope our new president Aquino can bring some major changes into our country that is slowly falling apart. I believe the Filipino people have great potential. Many people know this as well. It's just that with all the negative things that have been happening, people are losing hope in themselves and their country, causing them to look for ways to get out of what was supposed to be their home.

People in Hong Kong are already kind of racist towards Filipinos, thinking that all of us who live here are all domestic helpers, maids or servers in restaurants and bars, even though there are a lot of us who are actually professionals with actual office jobs. Now... after this, some will probably think of us as terrorists.
We're still unsure how some of them will act towards us now. Let's just hope they don't go berserk or anything.

Hong Kong and the Philippines are both places I've grown up to love. I've been born and raised in both worlds. I might be overreacting a bit... but it breaks my heart to see that both of my worlds have collided like this.


  1. haru | URL | -

    I understand that he was frustrated, but taking the lives of innocent tourists was completely irrelevant.

    I found completely irrelevant too.

    but lets just think positive :3 <3 I know we can get through this. We're filipinos after all : D

  2. Rin | URL | -

    -pats- be strong ;_:

  3. solitary neko | URL | -

    there's no use in blaming someone who's messed in the head. besides, the rest of the world is already fucked up.
    join the club.

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