Poster Hunting

2010-08-22 15:03


So I noticed that the wall in my room was looking kind of bare the other day.
I then decided to go look around for some posters I could possibly put up to add some color to my room.

I recently bought the Megami magazine that came with the Black Rock Shooter DVD, and since it had a few posters in it, I decided to check some of them out. Little did I know that all of them would be girls in bikinis or suggestive poses. =w=;;

Now it's time for some fanservice...


Well, I guess this would've been okay to put this up. It's actually pretty cute. xD
(Mio looks really hot in a bikini... ;w; *shot*)


Big breasted ladies + loli... I wonder what visitors would think if they saw this poster up in my room...


This was a pointless looking one. They're cute... but not as cute as the K-ON! girls. Their pajamas aren't even that good-looking. I basically didn't even really think of putting this up. xD


Railgunnnn~ 8D


Now, this definitely cannot be posted in my room... 8DD;;
My parents would have to question my sexuality. LOL.


Same case for this one. =w=;;

All in all... Megami Magazine posters = not healthy choice for my wall.

I did manage to find some of my old posters, in the mess that's called my room.


Konata x Kagami forever \o/


I remember I bought this from my cousin about 5 years ago, thinking that I'd give it to my sister, but she never used it. Too bad it's a bit too big for my wall. I like unrolling it and just staring at it though. Rurouni Kenshin forever! \o/

My wall is still bare at the moment ... orz


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