2010-08-18 17:33

Sorry, I haven't been so active these past 2 weeks. I had to finish Romeo and Cinderella, help out with YTChorus festival stuff, organize my Chorus Battle group and (try to) do lines for IKPopCovers as well. Besides all of that online stuff, I've also been dealing with other stuff as well.

Tomorrow, I'll be meeting my new classmates at my new school. We're having an overnight camp at school and I'm slightly afraid of what they'll think of me. The school normally doesn't accept new students at my grade, so I'm probably one of the first if not the first to do so. I'm kind of worried that I won't be able to understand them away from lessons, so I don't know about my chances of making new friends there. I'm probably worrying too much but I really hope I meet someone nice who will be willing to help me out. I really don't like feeling left out. ;w;

With that said, I'll be gone for about 2 days. I have to be at school early tomorrow and apparently, we end at 9 pm on Friday, so I won't be online for those two days. o_o;;

I owe so many lines. I'm so sorry. orz
I hope I can finish them next week.


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