Venetian Macau: A Short Trip to Paradise

2010-08-08 19:11


We stayed over at the Venetian Macau for 2 days and one night on a package deal offered by the hotel itself.


Some background information on Macau: It was once ruled by the Portuguese but is in fact a part of China. The main languages used in Macau are Cantonese, Portuguese and English. Just like Hong Kong, it's a Special Administrative Region, meaning that while it's a part of China, it still has a separate government system (That means they don't have Anti-Google status xD).


It's also an hour away from Hong Kong by turbo, making it easily accessible to Hong Kongers and Hong Kong tourists (The Venetian actually has its own private turbojet for its hotel guests. Seen in the picture). They use a currency called MOP but they also accept $HK. 1 MOP = HK$1 :3


Anyways, this wasn't my first time in Macau; I've been to the pre-casino Macau and the casino-filled Macau, but this is perhaps the most entertaining: Not only did we get 2 big hotel rooms for a really good price, we also got discounted tickets to Cirque du Soleil's ZAIA, which is a regular show offered by the hotel. They just had a special summer package. I think it lasts until the middle of August.


Once you enter the Venetian, you realize that everything they have there is HUGE. From the hallways to the shops. This also means that you have to do quite a bit of walking.
After we reach each turn in a hallway, we were always like "What? More walking!? D:<"


We finally get to the hotel room, not imagining it would be this big (My sister and I shared one while my parents shared another).
This is my older sister being freaked out by how large our room was. I was taking this picture in our room's hallway, which had a door leading to the giant bathroom. xD


This was the view outside our window. Can you see the Hard Rock Hotel? My sister and I both agreed that we wanted to stay there at least once in our life, because Hard Rock is known for having themed rooms. Rock on! \m/
To the right is another resort that's still in-progress. More job opportunities to be offered in Macau in the coming year or so most probably.


Top Customer Service: Fax machine and printer, LAN + Wireless Internet connection and your own in-suite telephone (There are charges for using them of course). Everything a businessman needs. Not that we were businessmen. 8DD;; *didn't get to use them*


Clover (left, mine) and Nightnight (right, my sister's) were enjoying the bed to the fullest.


After enjoying and exploring our hotel suites, we decided to do some exploring before our 8 pm ZAIA show. As you can see, the swimming pool has it's own inflatable slide. BTW they had at least 5 other pools and all of them had different names and different shapes. They even had an "Adults only" pool. No, they don't bathe naked there. It's just a pool to get away from all the annoying teenagers and kids in the other pools. xD


Went to their putting golf course for an hour and played with my dad and sister. This is me in a sucky golf form trying to put the ball. I had no idea how hard it was to control your strength when putting until I actually tried it. I've also realized that golf is a game that makes walking quite fun because you'd be walking for the purpose of figuring out where your golf ball went. I've started liking golf a bit more. ( =w=)b*


After golf, we headed for a Brazilian restaurant. Brazilians love their meat, so it was no surprise that the menu was full of meat items. My sister and I ordered a mixed meat skewer while my dad ordered a lamb skewer to share with my mom. Yum!


The waitress unskewered it for us so we could eat it more easily. Still lookin' good, I say. Grilling > Baking > Frying. :3


These were our tickets to ZAIA. It was printed on such pretty paper. Hard to believe that it's just merely a ticket. It even had shiny sparkles on it. So pretty. ;w;


I knew we wouldn't be able to take pictures during the show, so I was hoping to buy a souvenir. However, a mere plastic band bracelet was already 1 MOP. Everything else was pretty much waaay overpriced. No way I was spending that much money. =A=;;


More walking. We had to go through this cool warp-portal-like place to get to the show area. *3*
Overall, the show wasn't too bad. There were several mistakes by different members of the cast but they're all forgivable because they do shows every single day except Wednesday. Who wouldn't be tired, right? I also think that part of the cause is that ZAIA is probably the training ground for less experienced members of the Cirque du Soleil, as it isn't a roadshow. Does't matter, though. They fulfilled a lot of my expectations. It was an awesome show with a blend of traditional stunts mixed with high-tech tools. It made it a whole lot more interesting than an ordinary circus show. ( =w=)b*


They dropped heart-shape balloons at the end of the show, so I was like "YAY! Free souvenir! 8D", but then I realized that I really didn't need it. I decided to take a picture of it then give it to some random child. At least I got to make someone happy. xD


We were drawn to a nearby bar after the show, where my parents ordered some alcoholic drinks and some finger food, when we heard some live music playing. We were all thinking "The singer is definitely Filipino" and we were right. The singer WAS Filipino so was her band and most of the staff members at the bar. Filipinos are everywhere I tell you. xDD

That was the firs day. Didn't do much on the second because our boat was at 1.30 pm.


We did get to go to the Manchester United's official store. The dreamhouse of all hardcore ManU fans. You can buy ManU merchandise ranging from soccer balls to a USB mouse. You can even buy ManU teapots and bedding. o___o;;
That's not the best part though: on the second floor (yes, they have one), they have little electronic training pods where you can practice your soccer skills at 20 MOP per session. I didn't get to try it because they open at noon. Pretty awesome though, don't you think? xD


Also got to buy new shoes. The Skechers store was having a sale, so I got my mid-top shoes at 50% off. ( =w=)v*


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