ACGHK Figurine Sightings

2010-08-03 18:45

Over at the Good Smile Company display~

I went to the convention again today because my sister wanted to see what it was like, so I decided to take more pictures of some figurines over there. (I didn't have that much money anyway 8DD;;)


Of course, my favorite display was from Good Smile Company, which is known for manufacturing and marketing many popular figurines. (・∀・)


Here we have alternate Saber from Fate/Stay Night


K-ON! nendoroids were just simply adorable. I wanted to get my hands on some but they were quite expensive; about HK$300/US$43 each character. The box includes their respective instruments.


Azu-nyaaan~ I could've bought this figurine bundled with the Yui one shown in the picture after Mio for HK$250, but I realized that I didn't have space in my room. My sister just told me to take a picture instead. Azu-nyan looks so adorable though. I feel a bit regretful. ;w;


Woaaaah! Panty shot! Unintentional, really. I couldn't get a better picture of her with the lighting and stuff. The other one I took made Mio look somewhat demonic, but hey, fanservice is good, right? xD


Here we has Yui with her Guitaaa~ I don't like her as much as Mio and Azu-nyan. LOL xD


They also had a Miku Append figurine from Max Factory, which totally blew me away, either because it was so pretty or because it had a heavy pricetag (as shown in the picture) 8DD;;


Just a closer look at the very expensive figurine.

Now on to Square Enix

Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII. She's waaay better than the Final Fantasy X-2 girls. She's like the lighter version of Paine, except with longer hair and cooler equipment and clothes.


SNAAAAAAKE! He looks older now. I'd rather have a younger version figurine of him. Sorry, old man.:\


Chocobo~ I wanted to buy it but it was kinda expensive too. HK$70
My sister told me to take a picture instead again. TTATT


My sister's comment on Sephiroth: "OMG Talk about gay!" I laughed. Hard.
I also find it quite amusing that they decided to put the plushies right next to him. xD


Dante from Devil May Cry, if I'm correct. Two different versions of him, me thinks. owo

Now away from SEnix.


Mermaid looking women are hot. ( =w=)b*
You can see a sexy-posing Asuka from Evangelion at the back too~


Various Iron Man 2 figurines. These would probably be really, really, really, really, really expensive judging from the amount of detail put into making them.


An example of the detail. You can clearly see the features of Robert Downey Jr.'s face. Also, pay attention to the scrapes on his armor. Pretty neat, huh? :3


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    omg the miku append. *A*
    and oh the brs <3
    good smile company *A* <3

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