Dear time, you should stop once in a while.

2010-03-19 18:46

I really can't believe it's time to graduate yet again. It seems like only yesterday that we were graduating from Primary school and singing that graduation song by Vitamin C with my buddies... one of the most embarrassing moments in my life *coughs* <<;;.
That was 5 years ago. I was so stupid then. XDD

*facefloor* orz
It's hard to accept that we're almost going to face the adult world. I'm kinda scared. XDD;;
So many decisions to make and they're all going to affect our future one way or another.
I don't wanna grow up but I guess we all have to, right? ;w;

It's only at the end of things when you realize how much they mean to you.
Haha... I never really thought that I'd be attached to my school and I thought that I wouldn't really be sad on our graduation day, but as it looms over us, I'm having second thoughts about that: I hated the school for all its stupid rules and for all the pointless things & activities they put us through, but I think I'll miss it for all the people I've met and the things I've achieved.

When I think about it, my stupid school is where I matured and grew. Maybe that's why I think I'll miss it. *shot*

Graduation day is coming.

The HKCEEs are coming.

Adulthood is about to grasp us, hug us like a pedo hugging a child and hold on until we die.


Yes, I know I'm being dramatic but it IS really kinda scary. XDD

*slaps self* Gaaaah!! Typing out too much again.
This is what happens when I haven't blogged for quite a while.

Huhuhu. I'm a natural writer so beware of long posts ne~ <3

New thought:
If I had super powers, I'd love to have the power to stop time. Screw super speed. <<


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