A Day at the Beach

2010-07-04 18:58

So my family and I went to the beach three days ago because we had a public holiday (the day Hong Kong was returned to the Chinese people daysu owo). We were meeting some friends there.

I didn't want to swim so I went walking around on the beach by myself. Just to give you a clear view of how many people were there, I climbed up some rocks and decided to take a picture.


Apparently, other beaches in Hong Kong weren't that full. I guess everyone just suddenly decided to go to Shek O. =A=;;

I dare you to count all the beach umbrellas there. xDD
Took us an hour of waiting to get on a bus home. LOL.

Anyways, after climbing on the very hot rocks that almost cooked my feet, I went to walk near the water to cool myself off. Little did I know that I would accidentally drop my iPod into the water... =A=;;


ipod nano

This is what my iPod looked like after I accidentally dropped it into the water. TTATT

It died for a few hours but luckily enough, it's still working at the moment. (In fact I'm using it to look at English translations while I write English lyrics when I can't use the PC. ^_^ )

Apple ftw! ヾ(*ゝω・*)ノやったネ!!!
Makes me wonder what would happen if an iPhone was dropped in water though.
Any theories? owo


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