Health Issues

2010-06-23 18:13

I most definitely have them. =A=;;

Hair's still falling so my mom decided to buy me a hair growth kit that cost her... let's just say... a lot of money, shall we? xD;;
I just hope it works because I'll feel really guilty if it turns out to be a pointless deal.

vv It came with a special shampoo and this 30-day liquid thing. vv


Kinda looks like a drug pusher set. LOL.

So apart from that, my eyes are getting worse as well. I should really stay off the computer. =A=;;
I couldn't sleep last night cuz my ears were ringing to the point where I couldn't take it anymore. I dunno wtf is happening to me. I just know that I really have to change my lifestyle.


Anyway, I think I'll do some push-ups and exercise tonight. Gotta stay away from the computer.



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