Ara... ara...

2010-06-18 20:15

Ara ara... <- Something I'm starting to say more often. Dunno why. xD

Interesting day today. Ju-chan was speeding up her songs once again today (Yes, she has been doing this for a few days now) because she was bored. So I started speeding up songs as well.

It's really creepy speeding up songs that have the Izukun or Touma voice in it.


(Warning: This will burn your brain)

Yes, this is what I do when I don't sing. LOL.

My weeks of self-studying Japanese are definitely paying off. owo
I'm finally able to read more Japanese stuff online! Yatta!
I really want to be able to properly respond to people on Nicovideo without having to use Google Translate or someday. ;w;

I think I'll be trying to post more of my covers on Nicovideo. Let's see how far I can go in the Nico world. At least I'm starting to get comments now. xD

5 comments so far. Better than the nothing I used to get. Hahaha.

Also saw a jump in subscriber count today mostly thanks to rockleetist and her cover of my bpm. <3

I wonder where this will take me. o__o;;

Ahhhh well... that's all for now.



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