Reon English Lyrics

2012-08-06 23:11

Original song by ゆよゆっぺ (
English lyrics by кran
Revised by Ashe (

As you scribble off the pain and sadness
in the corner of your heart, you're praying for eternity
You sketch upon the canvas, shaking

Your body falls apart, you're lying down
surrendering to hopes that you can run from this reality
Go somewhere far away

I am just barely here
with a smile that cannot reach you and although that pains me so,
I'm alright with that now

Don't you see that you are meant to be here?
Can't you see that happiness is right here?
With each changing day, my tears could never stop
If only these hands could wrap around me, telling me that we would both be happy,
then I wouldn't be cursing this forlorn reality
Oh, I've prayed...

Dreaming endlessly, confusing your reality
These memories, you had to brush them all away
As you chained down your gaze upon 'me'

"Why did I become a part of this defective world?"
I asked myself although the answer stood ahead
Then softly it was drawn before my eyes

No way
Could someone like me begin to paint,
With wounds that never bleed,
In a world I cannot concieve

The tale of you and I that was supposed to have no end,
softly you've broken all of the pieces
with a small touch that you have left
Until the hands of time have stopped, until that moment comes,
I will be with you... but only as colors on that canvas

There are things that you and I cannot change
Lies are spread around this truthful surface
I just had to cry as days would wither by
With no clue about my lonely being,
you can't see how far away you're drifting
Someone please stop those hands,
please stop those hands from painting this
Oh, I've prayed...
Oh, I've prayed...

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There is no need to ask for permission.