Schoolwork pains and happiness

2011-01-26 12:25

Hey, there! I'm back with another blog post. Hahaha. I should've updated a long time ago but I'm being bombarded with school work this past week or so. orz

I've also been a tad bit sick for about 2 weeks now. I went to the doctor last week because I was coughing a lot and I asked him to write a letter for me to have a day off because I knew my mother wouldn't let me take one without one. =A=;;

I'm still coughing and I can still feel some phlegm stuck in my throat and nose, but I hope it will be gone soon so I can return to finish some of my dubbing projects and get me some stress-relief.

I would just like to say that Liberal Studies is a pain in the BEhind. I'm still working on finalizing my project proposal form after more than 3 months of doing it and now we're expected to actually start drafting out the first 2 chapters (Introduction and Literary Review) our actual project report.

I do like Liberal Studies due to the fact that I'm learning about social issues around me and interpersonal relationships between human beings, but it's a really tough subject with such difficult requirements. Basically, what we get in the exam is a scenario where we have to point out and explain the problems while also figuring out how to deal with the situation. Sometimes we get statistics and we have to quote figures to present our points and arguments (ie. Logical thinking and writing is required). It requires loads of writing and is one of the most tiring subjects. It was the only subject I failed (our whole class failed actually).

I've bought a book about logical thinking so I can improve my Liberal Studies skills... hopefully. *fingerscrossed*

I'm pretty happy with my grades though (I got my report card last Saturday with my parents~). If you've been following my posts or talking to me, then you should probably know that I've transferred to a new school that's known to be one of the best in Hong Kong. HUGE contrast to the school I used to go to. I didn't really think that I would do so well against these other girls who have studied in this really great school for a really long time but somehow, I managed to get 2nd in History and English Literature, and 1st in English. Slightly freaked out when I saw that on my report card. O__o;;

My parents were happy enough to pay for the tablet I bought the other week (which reminds me... I should make a post on that soon xD).

Anyway, I gotta go now. Lesson time~ ;D

Still have to finish a 1,000 word History essay on Metternich later... orz