2010-11-16 21:42

Just have to express myself a bit :3

Okay, so we (VocaMania!) have uploaded our video just in time for the Chorus Battle and a lot of people are questioning why we only did a short version especially because we had slightly more than a month to finish it and other choruses managed to do full versions as well. I'm just here to clear things up and tell you the real reason we didn't finish.

Firstly, some conflict came up with some people related to the Battle before the voting for the first round started and also after the results came out. From that point on, I started having trouble with accepting myself and I went into a mini-rage. People were telling me who I should be and making assumptions about me. I just kinda had a breakdown. I cried a lot.

Apart from that, I was struggling with trying to get things done for the chorus while also focusing on my real life priorities and let me tell you that it is REALLY difficult to have time for the chorus when you :

1. Get home late and still have to do homework
(I'm currently attending a new school with higher demands and that is further away from home than my previous schools before. I get home at 4:45 on normal days when I hurry away from school and around 7 when I have school activities. You can see the list of stuff I have to do for school two posts back called "Busy, Busy, Busy")

2. Can't record because the computer is in the living room

3. Do chores after dinner (+ actually eating dinner... that's about an hour and 15 minutes)

4. Have a curfew on the computer (9 pm)

We didn't initially plan to do a short version. The idea only came up when a few friends of mine suggested it as the rules stated the minimum was 1:50. Believe me... I tried to mix the full version but I got so stressed out I started losing my hair again but this time all over my body and I also started having this constant ringing in my right ear. I went to the doctor and she said it herself that it was stress. With only a week and a half left, we decided that a short ver would be best for my health and because people couldn't record quickly enough so I wouldn't have to stress on the Battle which is supposed to be for fun. I barely had time for myself.

So yes, we couldn't exactly complete the chorus but I do believe we tried our best with what we had. I just hope people understand that we didn't do this on purpose. I actually mixed 3/4 of the song but I felt like it would better to have quality rather than quantity. Vocals weren't mixed as well as I wanted them to be and no one had time to redo their lines even when I bugged them to. I had to improvise a week before the deadline while also keeping my stress levels at minimum or risk getting bald/no sleep because of the annoying ringing.

This is what I actually had in my Adobe Audition mix before we decided to make the short version. I was still fixing timing of Koko and Shou in Cubase, so they're missing here.
Click here to listen
Just proof that I tried to mix it. I just uploaded it today but I haven't done any further mixing to it from its original state. Really been having too many stuff happening to me. I had life to deal with and I'm pretty certain that most of you think that there are things that have a much higher priority than this Chorus Battle. =3=;;

I apologize for disappointing you but I hope you understand that we did try hard to finish this but because I was such a hindrance with my stress, we ended up not finishing the whole thing. But instead of deciding to give up, we still didn't want to totally disappoint everyone. We decided to at least upload something that would comply with the rules and would suit our situation. We kept trying until the end even with all the hurdles, just like any of the other choruses out in the Battle. I am sorry once again and wish all the other choruses the best of luck! ^^

Thanks for reading~
Hate me if you want to xD