B★RS DVDs \o/

2010-09-15 20:55


I finally got the Hobby Japan magazine bought by Asuka(Thanks, Asuka!!! >w<) from my parents who got it from a friend of mine who was Asuka's classmate (Wow, a lot of passing around, huh? LOL) the other day~ Now I can officially say that I have 2/3 of the Black Rock Shooter DVDs. The one on the left, which came from Hobby Japan, came with a cool looking slip cover in which the DVD could be found in.


The magazines that they came in. owo


The Hobby Japan one was pretty much stuck in between the pages of the magazine, so I had to ask my dad to help me get it out using a cutter. I didn't want to break the pretty looking cover slip. ;w;


The front.


The back.


The Megami one could be easily taken out because you could just cut the side without having much to worry about. They provided a DVD case slip cover and a little mini booklet that you could put in it. owo


Like so~


Here's a picture of the two CDs side-by-side. I can't decide which one I like better. xDD;;

In other random news,
My English dub of Miku's Romeo and Cinderella hit 666 views today.
Be afraidddd 8D