【Vocaloid】Yubikiri (Pinky Swear) English Lyrics

2010-06-30 20:43

Yubikiri指切り(Pinky Swear)
English lyrics as written by kran117

Tonight, I will devote myself to you
My heart, my soul and my whole body too
This offer is made especially for you
I'm not bluffing neither is this
Some kind of flattery

I've fallen deeply for you
So deeply that I feel when I look in your eyes
I hate everything I see
I want you to only look at me

I can hear the words my heart is whispering
It's a dirty noise. Sounds just like it's cracking
I really don't mind where my ex-lover went
I just want to know if we're going
Somewhere with this

Hurry and satisfy me please
With your body and your soul deep inside of me
I really can't get enough
Come now! Make it hotter. Give me more.

This is all seems just like a small, tiny show
This dusty romance from deep within my heart
If you can't see that what I feel is truly real,
Right now let me show you the truth the proof of my love

I swear I'll only be with you
I do not have a fear of losing hair or nails
As long as it's just us two
So please love me for eternity. Don't let go.