Just an update.

2010-06-15 16:28

Gomen for not updating ;w;
I was busy mixing and making the video for Kurin's birthday, which is today.
The video's already up! xDD

My groupdub mixing skills aren't as good as I hoped to be but meeeeh... I guess it's more of a gain-more-experience-then-it'll-be-better kinda thing, eh?

Anyways, I hit 700 today so I felt like singing something real quick but lo' and behold my sister comes home, uses the TV and my uncle's iPad at the same time. Meaning?


I sense a rant coming. LOL.

I would've been okay with it if she was just watching TV but noooooooooooo she had to multi-task. I mean why don't you just shut off the freaking TV when you're obviously busy on something else. WTF. =A=;;

Was supposed to finish Fire Flower today too. TTATT

I guess I'll just post up something I did before. Probably Kimi ni Mune Kyun for the 700 subs special or something. I doubt I can record much this week. I has exams + I has relatives over. =w=;;