2010-05-29 11:59

Let's get straight to the point: My hair has been thinning
and I think I should go on a hiatus for a while.

Please read the whole post to understand this completely.

Not many people know this but this has been happening to me for a few months now. It started with my eyebrows then I realized that I started losing hair on my head as well.
I didn't really want to talk about it nor did I want people to pity me or anything. =\


Why am I suddenly announcing this now? Well, yesterday, I lost quite a lot of hair. I woke up and stared at my pillow only to find about 10 strands. Everytime I brushed my hair, there were at least 20 strands stuck on my hairbrush. Everytime I touched my head, a few strands would fall. I was so afraid to even wash my hair for fear of losing more.

Can't be too good, right?

So I cried.

I don't really do that too often...

Yes, I have been to a doctor about it but frankly, I'm losing more hair than I'm growing.
It's really getting depressing...
Even though people are there to support me and cheer me on, I still have a really hard time fighting the feeling to be so negative. I'm slowly losing my self-esteem and I'm starting to feel like I don't want to go out with people anymore.

I might be overreacting a bit. I dunno.
I'm starting to get confused. I don't know what I should be thinking anymore. =A=;;

This thing is stress-related and even though my exams are done, hair is still falling so I'm guessing this has something to do with all the Youtube stuff I've been doing.

I must apologize to everyone.
I've decided to take a break. I don't know for how long.
I just want to go back to normal.

It's not going to be any help if I stay in the groupchats on Skype as well because I know you people will keep talking about dubbing, singing, etc. and that will tempt me to go back.
Thus, I shall be leaving them.
Gomen. ^^;;

I'll come back when I feel better.

For the time being, I'll just be here blogging.