B★RS DVDs \o/

2010-09-15 20:55


I finally got the Hobby Japan magazine bought by Asuka(Thanks, Asuka!!! >w<) from my parents who got it from a friend of mine who was Asuka's classmate (Wow, a lot of passing around, huh? LOL) the other day~ Now I can officially say that I have 2/3 of the Black Rock Shooter DVDs. The one on the left, which came from Hobby Japan, came with a cool looking slip cover in which the DVD could be found in.


The magazines that they came in. owo


The Hobby Japan one was pretty much stuck in between the pages of the magazine, so I had to ask my dad to help me get it out using a cutter. I didn't want to break the pretty looking cover slip. ;w;


The front.


The back.


The Megami one could be easily taken out because you could just cut the side without having much to worry about. They provided a DVD case slip cover and a little mini booklet that you could put in it. owo


Like so~


Here's a picture of the two CDs side-by-side. I can't decide which one I like better. xDD;;

In other random news,
My English dub of Miku's Romeo and Cinderella hit 666 views today.
Be afraidddd 8D


ACGHK 2010!

2010-07-30 19:44

War Machine standing tall in the middle of the crowd~

Today was the first day of the Anime-Comic-Game Hong Kong convention, so I woke up early to meet up with my friends and wait in line. This was our second year going to an anime convention. Never went before due to the Chinese majority and the fact that our Chinese skills weren't so good. We only started going last year when we realized that we could actually communicate enough to buy stuff. xD

I actually wanted to take more pictures but I couldn't because there was just too many people and I was also kind of spazzing around.

Convention started at 10 am but we met up at about 8.15.
How long the line was? See for yourself


Heck, even the cosplayers line was long.


I spy with my little eye... Can you see Sora? xD


The first thing that greeted us was the Xbox360 stage, which had a demo of its new black and slim Xbox 360, which I believe has motion sensors now judging by the fact that the women on stage were dancing along with the on-screen dancer.


We went to visit a bunch of stalls at the end of the convention hall. Miku negi plushies were to be found almost everywhere this year. You can see some over there in the picture. A cosplay stall over there on the left.


We found an AKB48 stall. I didn't expect to see anything AKB48 at all. They were selling albums, DVDs and AKB T-shirts. I ignored them. 8D;;


Various printed mugs were for sale at another stall. Black Rock Shooter, Hatsune Miku, Megurine Luka, K-ON and a lot more. They were also selling printed pillows, shirts and cards.


Sengoku Basara gang!


And so they pose for the cameras.


This dude's swords were actually held by two side-characters dressed in black, until he decided to unsheath them.


The Beyblade arena. They were going to hold competitions, me thinks. I didn't check the schedule. I was actually focusing on just buying stuff. They were selling some kind of arena thing too, I think. I still can't believe the Beyblade fad is still going on and off for the past few years. =A=;;

Now to show you my loot~ ;3

Because I love weird toys.

What it basically does:

( =w=)b*


Hatsune Miku Nenodriod Plus, holding her little negi~


Rilakkuma dolls which were originally @$45 each. It was one sale for three @$110. Good deal desu.


I bought a Mario mushroom for my mommy because she gave away her old one and she loves playing that game.


Screen cleaners for phone desu. Special request from my sister. I actually wanted to buy more Black Rock Shooter stuff but this was the only thing I bought because the figurines were waaaaay too expensive and other stuff weren't too good either. =w=;;


Bought Neko-mimi as well. ;3

Black Rock... Eh?

2010-07-24 22:25


There's been a lot of advertising for the new Black Rock shooter anime that's coming/already out. As an avid Black Rock Shooter fan, I felt that I should get some BRS merchandise no matter what. I'm probably going to try and get my hands on some during the ACGHK convention, which happens to start this coming Friday. I'm going to line up with my friends to get in. *3*
(figmas are waaaaay too expensive though. not surprising due to their intense detail. Click here to see one of them.)

Back to the point: Today, I went out to go see if the new issue of Hobby Japan was already available here in Hong Kong. If you haven't heard yet, the Black Rock Shooter DVD is up for grabs from 3 different magazines: Hobby Japan (July 24), Megami (July 30) and Animedia (August 10) according to Vocaloidism.

Anyways, I arrived at the ASAHIYA bookstore at the top of the SOGO department store in Causeway Bay only to find that they didn't have it. I asked the counter when they'd get it and they told me around August. =A=;;

So I decided to look around to look for something I could buy. After all, I didn't want to waste my trip there. I couldn't find anything interesting or anything I wanted to buy in the manga section (too many titles and they had the first volumes missing as well) so I decided to look for childrens' novels I could read and I bought this book.


Kuromajo-san ga tooru

The words are easy enough for me to understand. Hopefully, I can read through it and understand the whole story. ( =w=)b*


Totally Japanese inside as you can see. I'll try my best!

I'll probably post pictures of the iPad my parents bought tomorrow but that's all for now.



2010-05-21 21:37

WOOTS! I'm playing RO again! XDD

Kran @ DreamerRO

Made a guild with the enis~
Used Kurin's panda for the emblem. XD

DreamerRO server desu.