On using my lyrics/mp3s/videos

2012-11-28 18:36

Everyone is free to use my lyrics, mp3s and videos as long as proper credit is given.

Credits can be in the form of:
- mentioning my channel name
- linking to my original video
- (Optional) posting your video as a video response to mine

Also, be sure to credit the original producers of the song!

If you'll be using any of my stuff at conventions or any other public events, please do send me an e-mail at kran-117★hotmail(dot)com just so I know~! Feel free to also send in any videos of you using it~

Thanks ♥

My New Microphone! *A*

2011-02-15 21:19


That's whassupp! 8D
Title is self-explanatory, really. (I tend to do that a lot, huh?)
So I bought a new microphone last week using the money I saved up and the money I got over the Chinese New Year. It's a Sennheiser e845s Vocal Microphone from the Evolution 600/800 series. The "s" at the end of the number means that it has an "on/off" switch on the mic. It cost HK$1,020.


I originally wanted Shure a SM57/58, which was about HK$200 cheaper than this microphone, because I saw various reviews on how it was the standard microphone for most recording studios. However, when I got to Parsons Music, I tried the microphone out and it didn't exactly have the quality I wanted.


The reviews for this mic are pretty much split: some say this is better than the SM57/58 while others say it isn't. Personally, I think the Shure mic made my voice sound hollow, whereas the Sennheiser gave me a fuller tone and let out my "real" voice. It should be different for each voice type though. I just found that the Sennheiser suited my tastes better. =w=)b*


My old mic was and AKG D88S which came with my Lexicon Omega Desktop Recording Studio Bundle. In terms of weight, the Sennheiser is waaaay heavier and it actually feels like a legit microphone. It was the sound quality that pretty much blew me away though. /o/~

Click here to listen to quality comparison

You can also hear it in action here:

Well, that's it from me for now!

See ya!

PS. Sorry, for not updating so often! Been busy with schoolwork!

Techincal Improvements

2010-10-01 21:33

Sorry, once again for not blogging so regularly anymore. xD
I guess I should just stop thinking that people actually expect me to blog a lot (unless you really do expect me to do so, in which case I am sorry O__O;;)

Anyways, lately I've been grumbling a lot about my mixing. I've started expecting a lot from myself and from others as well ( I think I might be giving critiques more often now on YouTube :3). I've decided to self-learn some tricks myself while also asking help from friends of mine who have more experience in mixing. I figured out how to use EQ properly and I've tried using a lot more of different effects on my voice.

What my effects rack looks like:


Click here for Torinoko City Better Preview (Mixing Sample)

I've also improved a bit in my harmonies and I've started using my vibrato more often~ /o/~
I realized how much I've been slacking off in everything I've been doing on YouTube and I've decided to try even harder to make my dubs sound more professional. If a lot of people on YouTube and Nico could do it, I figured I could do it as well.

This change has also been fueled by the YTChorus battle in a way. Seeing other choruses has made me realize how far behind I am in both the mixing and singing scene. I really want to improve, so I've started being a harsher critique on myself. xDD;;

Please look forward to my future works!
I will be trying my best to give you something enjoyable~ ^_^

Vocal Dump

2010-06-29 18:16

I haven't been able to record these past few days due to some problems with my ears. Gomen minna-san. m(_ _)m

Need to remind myself what to finish.

Mikigata no Chou

Gacha Gacha Cute = Haru
Gemini -English- = Ju-chan
Kimkyoku Re-mastered
Shota desu yon = Razzy
Cantarella = Razzy
Never = Rin


2010-06-23 19:50

ヤタ━━━━━ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ ━━━━━!!!!

I finally figured out how to encode videos to make them less fuzzier looking on ニコニコ動画.
After much research through numerous Japanese and English websites, I figured out that videos have to be made in a certain resolution before uploading to the website. No wonder all my uploads were in bad quality. owo

Had to download different Video converters as well. I was testing out which ones convert better. Finally found one that actually encoded into flv well enough. =A=;;

You can see the result down there in the English version of Bokumote that I uploaded.

I feel accomplished. ( ´∀`)

Now I shall go sleep~.