Letting It All Sink In

2012-07-20 02:44

I missed writing a blog post for last week. I should apologize because I really don't remember why I was unable to. Gosh, my memory is getting all jumbled up because I've been on holiday for so long I don't even know what happened in the past week or so. @A@

I've got to say that this past month or so has been one hectic one. I've been dealing with getting my HK A-Level results, university applications and trying to find a summer job that allows me to have a balance of experience plus free time to actually enjoy my vacation. Basically, I've been preparing documents for applications, going to interviews and attending talks (mostly for university stuff because I haven't been able to find a job I can apply for yet). I applied for an online internship a while back and didn't get it. Now, I'm probably going to be applying for an internship at a local English website, so I'm currently fixing up my CV and cover letter. Just a lot of paperwork.

You know that point in time when you think you'll never have to deal with adult stuff or ever reach that adult age? I used to sort of think that way as a little kid and now that I've reached this point in my life, where I have to start writing up my own professional-looking letters, profiles and whatnot, it's a little surreal. Considering that I was originally supposed to study in the Philippines for my tertiary education and that it's really hard to get a place in university here in Hong Kong, it's even more surreal that I'll be able to continue my education in this city. I'm still trying to let this all sink in... I will be in university, taking a Bachelor degree course starting late-September...

It's really freaky being in the adolescent stage of your life, being in between your adult self and your "omg-i-don't-wanna-grow-up" self. It's this mid-point where you don't exactly know how you should act or react to things. In the end, you realize that time will not stop for you and that you ARE actually growing up, and like it or not you're going to have to act more and more mature as you progress in this world.

My Return to Blogging

2012-06-23 18:25

It really has been a long time since I've posted actual content. Not surprising considering the fact that blogging seems to be an on-and-off kind of thing for me. I mean I've practically opened up several blogs in the course of my lifetime. It's always been that I'd be dedicated to it for around six months and then I'd leave it to gather dust. I apologize for not being as committed as I should be to this blogging thing. ^^;;

I'm really hoping this new comeback will be a little different.

What revived the blogging fire within me
One of the things that spurred this renewed vitality to blog again is the fact that I'm going to university soon. I'm planning to major in journalism and obviously, I'll need all the practice and experience I can get in order to become the best that I can be. With that said, I am now more determined than ever to make this blog my training grounds.

I actually signed up for Tofugu.com's Summer Internship program and got into the second round of selection, where we were asked to write three articles within 72 hourss. However, I received an e-mail this morning, notifying me that I didn't get the position and to be quite honest, I didn't expect to get it. As I typed the articles out, I realized how much further I needed to go in order to become really good at writing articles and producing content that people will actually find interesting/helpful. I wasn't content with what I wrote but that was the best I could do at that time.

In short, I just want to get better at writing, in order to reach my goal of becoming a good journalist and possibly get one step closer to achieving my dream of having a career as a professional blogger.

Plans for this blog
I will still be posting my English translyrics up on this blog, but I will start to post more personal or professional stuff as well. I may be posting things I do in my daily life, opinions on different issues, tutorials, reviews, analysis, etc. I aim to produce at least one post a week, so I'll be mixing up the content quite a bit. The next post will probably just be some updates on what I have been doing so far in the time I haven't updated this blog or perhaps my experience at the utaite concert I'm going to tomorrow. I knew at that point that I had to practice some more.

In any case, I hope I do have support from my followers (if I have any, hahahaha) in this endeavor of mine. I'll do my best to make this blog much more active and I'm praying that this helps pave the way for my future in journalism.

Trip to the Philippines

2011-05-17 12:39

It's been a while since I've updated, huh? Been busy with school again and I'm slowly starting to stress a bit with my finals coming up next month. x_x

April was another hectic month for me. I had a lot of homework to finish before the Easter break came and most of them had deadlines on the same day, so it was pretty much "alskdfja;sdlkfj;asdjklfa;sd" everywhere. Unfortunately, I didn't exactly have much of a holiday because my parents were practically dragging me from place to place while we were in the Philippines. Mostly had to attend some religious activities in celebration of Easter and meet up with the relatives. @__@

It was pretty refreshing being back in the Phlippines though, regardless of the fact that I didn't really get to do my homework while we were there. Firstly because I haven't seen my relatives for almost 2 years already and many of my younger cousins are already going into University or graduating really soon (I wish I could say the same for myself but the schooling system here in Hong Kong makes us stay until Secondary 7/Grade 13. I'm getting left behind. Hahaha!). I also had a blast when we (my family and a bunch of our other realtives) visited a home for abandoned children with mental illnesses. To my surprise, they could still communicate in their own little ways and would laugh, sing and dance for us. The experience really helped me learn how to be thankful for the gift of life. ^_^

Besides all this family stuff, I also got to meet up with some of my online friends from the group we call the Enis, which is basically full of YTChorus Filipinos. Among those I met up with were Apol, Xephy, Kana, Ritz, Shock and Suroy. I gave them chocolates and we ate pizza together. We went to play at the arcade afterwards and visited Comic Alley, where Apol and I bought some Docomo stuff for Haru. I need to mention the strawberry shake that Apol treated me: It was so bad, it tasted like cough syrup for children with strawberry flavour. It took me an hour and a half to down. Apol's shake was no better either. He ordered Kiwi but he said it didn't even taste like Kiwi. Suroy's shake was bad as well. xDD
No srsly. Thanks for coming everyone! They all spent quite some money and effort just to come over to see me. ouo)/~
I'll probably post and update with photos of us together. =w=)b*

Thinking back on the stuff I did while back in the Philippines really brings a smile to my face. I'm really glad that I'm lucky enough to have friends and relatives that I genuinely care about. It's really hard to say whether I like the Philippines or Hong Kong more. It's just one of those questions I cannot bring myself to answer.

Schoolwork pains and happiness

2011-01-26 12:25

Hey, there! I'm back with another blog post. Hahaha. I should've updated a long time ago but I'm being bombarded with school work this past week or so. orz

I've also been a tad bit sick for about 2 weeks now. I went to the doctor last week because I was coughing a lot and I asked him to write a letter for me to have a day off because I knew my mother wouldn't let me take one without one. =A=;;

I'm still coughing and I can still feel some phlegm stuck in my throat and nose, but I hope it will be gone soon so I can return to finish some of my dubbing projects and get me some stress-relief.

I would just like to say that Liberal Studies is a pain in the BEhind. I'm still working on finalizing my project proposal form after more than 3 months of doing it and now we're expected to actually start drafting out the first 2 chapters (Introduction and Literary Review) our actual project report.

I do like Liberal Studies due to the fact that I'm learning about social issues around me and interpersonal relationships between human beings, but it's a really tough subject with such difficult requirements. Basically, what we get in the exam is a scenario where we have to point out and explain the problems while also figuring out how to deal with the situation. Sometimes we get statistics and we have to quote figures to present our points and arguments (ie. Logical thinking and writing is required). It requires loads of writing and is one of the most tiring subjects. It was the only subject I failed (our whole class failed actually).

I've bought a book about logical thinking so I can improve my Liberal Studies skills... hopefully. *fingerscrossed*

I'm pretty happy with my grades though (I got my report card last Saturday with my parents~). If you've been following my posts or talking to me, then you should probably know that I've transferred to a new school that's known to be one of the best in Hong Kong. HUGE contrast to the school I used to go to. I didn't really think that I would do so well against these other girls who have studied in this really great school for a really long time but somehow, I managed to get 2nd in History and English Literature, and 1st in English. Slightly freaked out when I saw that on my report card. O__o;;

My parents were happy enough to pay for the tablet I bought the other week (which reminds me... I should make a post on that soon xD).

Anyway, I gotta go now. Lesson time~ ;D

Still have to finish a 1,000 word History essay on Metternich later... orz



2010-11-16 21:42

Just have to express myself a bit :3

Okay, so we (VocaMania!) have uploaded our video just in time for the Chorus Battle and a lot of people are questioning why we only did a short version especially because we had slightly more than a month to finish it and other choruses managed to do full versions as well. I'm just here to clear things up and tell you the real reason we didn't finish.

Firstly, some conflict came up with some people related to the Battle before the voting for the first round started and also after the results came out. From that point on, I started having trouble with accepting myself and I went into a mini-rage. People were telling me who I should be and making assumptions about me. I just kinda had a breakdown. I cried a lot.

Apart from that, I was struggling with trying to get things done for the chorus while also focusing on my real life priorities and let me tell you that it is REALLY difficult to have time for the chorus when you :

1. Get home late and still have to do homework
(I'm currently attending a new school with higher demands and that is further away from home than my previous schools before. I get home at 4:45 on normal days when I hurry away from school and around 7 when I have school activities. You can see the list of stuff I have to do for school two posts back called "Busy, Busy, Busy")

2. Can't record because the computer is in the living room

3. Do chores after dinner (+ actually eating dinner... that's about an hour and 15 minutes)

4. Have a curfew on the computer (9 pm)

We didn't initially plan to do a short version. The idea only came up when a few friends of mine suggested it as the rules stated the minimum was 1:50. Believe me... I tried to mix the full version but I got so stressed out I started losing my hair again but this time all over my body and I also started having this constant ringing in my right ear. I went to the doctor and she said it herself that it was stress. With only a week and a half left, we decided that a short ver would be best for my health and because people couldn't record quickly enough so I wouldn't have to stress on the Battle which is supposed to be for fun. I barely had time for myself.

So yes, we couldn't exactly complete the chorus but I do believe we tried our best with what we had. I just hope people understand that we didn't do this on purpose. I actually mixed 3/4 of the song but I felt like it would better to have quality rather than quantity. Vocals weren't mixed as well as I wanted them to be and no one had time to redo their lines even when I bugged them to. I had to improvise a week before the deadline while also keeping my stress levels at minimum or risk getting bald/no sleep because of the annoying ringing.

This is what I actually had in my Adobe Audition mix before we decided to make the short version. I was still fixing timing of Koko and Shou in Cubase, so they're missing here.
Click here to listen
Just proof that I tried to mix it. I just uploaded it today but I haven't done any further mixing to it from its original state. Really been having too many stuff happening to me. I had life to deal with and I'm pretty certain that most of you think that there are things that have a much higher priority than this Chorus Battle. =3=;;

I apologize for disappointing you but I hope you understand that we did try hard to finish this but because I was such a hindrance with my stress, we ended up not finishing the whole thing. But instead of deciding to give up, we still didn't want to totally disappoint everyone. We decided to at least upload something that would comply with the rules and would suit our situation. We kept trying until the end even with all the hurdles, just like any of the other choruses out in the Battle. I am sorry once again and wish all the other choruses the best of luck! ^^

Thanks for reading~
Hate me if you want to xD