enhAnce - PointFive(.5)

2010-07-13 16:26


After a long search for a download of this album, I finally found one. ヾ(*ゝω・*)ノやったネ!!!

I've been hyping over this album for about 2 months or so now, so I'm really happy I finally got ahold of it (though kind of not in the most legal way *wink*) xD

I'd just like to start of saying all the members of enhAnce are totally awesome! Personally I already wouldn't be able to resist a 蛇足xclear (even though I don't like clear as a soloist at times), but add in amu, みーちゃん and あさまる then you have a group that's definitely worth listening to. >w<

Although, imo バルシェ still beats all of them. Just saying. wwwwww


Track listing:

01. undecidable / All Members
02. デッサン / 蛇足 , clear , amu
03. 月夜ノ森 / clear , みーちゃん
04. 蜜蜂 / amu , あさまる
05. Somatic Delusion / amu , みーちゃん
06. Escape / 蛇足 , clear , あさまる feat.じゃっく
07. セ・ツ・ナ / みーちゃん , あさまる
08. シザーハンズ / amu , 蛇足
09. 星の子守唄 / 蛇足 , clear
10. サマーレイン / あさまる feat.じゃっく
11. 星屑ユートピア / みーちゃん , 蛇足 , clear
12. Fire◎Flower(.5ver) / All Members


With this group, you know you'll be hearing different kinds of songs ranging from mellow to rock-types, because of each of their unique voices which are able to sing both softly and strongly.

I might not be really good at reviewing albums but here are some tracks that I liked. :3

The first track, undecidable, totally caught me off-guard. I was kind of expecting them to sing something epic, but they did something even better: sang with beatboxing with harmonies that totally fit in with the melody (Heck, the whole album was filled with absolutely superb harmonies). I was blown away. The song was really catchy and I felt my head bopping along to the beat. xD

月夜ノ森 reminded me of an anime OP song. I swear it could be used for a Gundam anime with it's trancy vibe, electric guitar and lyrics. clear and みーちゃん kinda reminded me of a mellower version of T.M. Revolution. Personally, I really like it because T.M. Revolution, to me, kinda makes songs a bit too strong sometimes.

Another track I liked was Somatic Delusion which had amu and みーちゃん. Both fine examples of velvety strong voices that can manage to sing rock songs. シザーハンズ [Scissorhands] was just total and complete eargasm with amu and 蛇足 singing it together. With each "aishite", fangirls will feel their hearts slowly melting. ;w;

Fire◎Flower is definitely the best track. My opinion is probably biased though because I've always loved that song. XD
They gave their own acoustic twist to it and added their own unique harmonies to it. Added to that, is some more beatboxing.

This is an album definitely worth listening to. Go buy it... like now! (that or you can download it)
( =w=)b*